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Vivaia shoes

Are you trying to find a pair of eco-friendly and fashionable shoes? Vivaia is the only place to go! A company called Vivaia makes shoes using recycled materials and green production techniques. Their footwear is sturdy, environmentally friendly, and comfy.

What makes Vivaia shoes unique and why do people like them most?

Vivaia shoes are unique in a number of ways.

1.Sustainable resources : The recycled materials used to make Vivaia shoes include organic cotton, recycled rubber, and recycled polyester.

2.Comfortable design : Vivaia shoes are made with a pleasant and supportive design in mind. They have a flexible sole that offers good arch support in addition to a soft, breathable footbed.

3.Stylish looks : A variety of colors and styles are available for the elegant Vivaia shoes. They are a fantastic solution for folks who want to feel good about their environmental impact and look beautiful doing it.

Shocking material of Vivaia shoes

Recycled polyester, rubber, and organic cotton are just a few of the recycled materials used to make Vivaia shoes. Strong, lightweight, and water-resistant describe these materials. As well as employing energy-efficient technology and water-based adhesives, Vivaia shoes are produced in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

Vivaia shoes are not only eco-friendly but also cozy and fashionable. Flats, boots, and heels are among the types they have available for both men and women.

Some of the salient characteristics of Vivaia shoes include:

Materials that are environmentally friendly include organic cotton, recycled rubber, and polyester. Soft, airy, and supportive describe comfort. Style: A wide range of looks for both men and women. Easy to maintain clean thanks to machine washing.

Vivaia is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for a fashionable and environmentally friendly pair of shoes. Their footwear is eco-friendly, long-lasting, and comfy. Vivaia shoes can be purchased from specific stores or online at .

A review of different Vivaia shoe styles?

Vivaia shoes | Aria flats
Vivaia shoes | Aria flats       Check Price here        (Image courtesy :

Aria flats: The Aria flats are a timeless, multipurpose style that looks great with everything. They boast an organic cotton and recycled polyester construction, and a soft, ventilated footbed. The flexible, recycled rubber sole offers good arch support and sneakers manufactured from recycled rubber. You may check price and select a pair of the Aria flats that complements your style thanks to their range of colors.

Vega trainers: The Vega trainers have a sportier look and are ideal for working out or running errands. They are constructed of recycled rubber and polyester, and they have a sturdy sole that offers outstanding traction. In order to endure damp weather, the Vega trainers also include a water-resistant finish.

Vivaia Shoes reviews
Vivaia Oslo boots Shoes |  Check Price here      (Image courtesy :
Oslo boots: The fashionable and weatherproof Oslo boots are a great choice for the autumn and winter. They have a waterproof finish and are constructed of recycled polyester and rubber. The sole of the Oslo boots is cozy and supportive.

My Reviews on Vivaia shoes

Here are my thoughts on each of these styles:

1.Aria flats: The Aria flats are a fantastic everyday shoe. They are cozy, fashionable, and environmentally friendly. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a pair of flats that they can wear all day.

2.Vega trainers: The Vega trainers are an excellent option for anyone looking for a comfy and supportive footwear. They are also water-resistant, making them a good choice for damp weather.

3.Oslo boots: The Oslo boots are an excellent option for anyone seeking for a fashionable and weatherproof boot. They are supportive and comfortable, and they will keep your feet dry in damp weather.

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  • 10% off your initial purchase: Joining Vivaia’s email list will qualify you for 10% off your initial purchase.
  • $15 off your first purchase when you sign up for texts from Vivaia: By signing up to receive texts from them, you can receive $15 off your first purchase there.
  • 20% off for students, educators, and healthcare professionals: Vivaia provides a 20% discount for students, educators, and healthcare professionals. Sheer ID can be used to confirm your status so you can receive the discount.
  • Referral bonus: For each friend you recommend who makes a purchase at Vivaia, you will receive a $20 referral bonus.
  • Seasonal sales: You can frequently find shoes at a discount during Vivaia’s seasonal sales.

Where to buy vivaia shoes?

You can buy Vivaia shoes on or also check Vivaia Shoes on

Where are vivaia shoes made?

Made in China are Vivaia shoes. Although the company’s production is in China, its main office is in London, England. Given China’s reputation for subpar labor conditions and environmental policies, there has been some debate regarding this. However, Vivaia asserts that their facility adheres to ethical working procedures and makes use of environmentally friendly production techniques.

Are vivaia shoes comfortable?

In general, Vivaia footwear is regarded as comfy. They are constructed from a range of recycled materials, including as organic cotton, recycled rubber, and recycled polyester. Soft, breathable, and supportive, these materials. The detachable insole of Vivaia shoes can easily be switched out for an orthotic if necessary.


With Vivaia shoes, you can feel good about your environmental contribution while looking fantastic. Vivaia shoes are the ideal option for today’s customer thanks to their cosy, environmentally friendly, and fashionable designs.

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What is vivaia?

Vivaia is a sustainable shoe brand launched in London, England in 2020. The objective of the company is to develop beautiful and comfortable footwear that is also made with environmentally friendly materials and practises.

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