ACROBioSystems Stock Price | A Growing Biotechnology Company in 2023


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ACROBioSystems Stock Price | A Growing Biotechnology Company in 2023
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ACROBiosystems Co., Ltd.

In the realm of biotechnology, ACROBiosystems Co., Ltd., a Chinese enterprise of profound repute, stands as a pioneer, dedicated to the advancement and fabrication of recombinant proteins, to cater to the realms of research, diagnostics, and therapeutic domains. Notably, this esteemed organization finds its listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), denoted by the distinctive ticker symbol, 301080.

Company Overview

The inception of ACROBiosystems traces back to the year 1999, establishing its roots in the heart of Beijing, China. Since its inception, ACROBiosystems has carved a prestigious niche through its ceaseless pursuit of innovation. Their portfolio encompasses an extensive array of recombinant proteins, meticulously crafted, and leveraged by researchers, diagnosticians, and clinicians, spanning across the globe.

Offerings and Expertise

ACROBiosystems’ vast repertoire of offerings encompasses:

  1. Recombinant proteins tailored for research: ACROBiosystems meticulously crafts a diverse assortment of recombinant proteins for research applications. These include antibodies, enzymes, and growth factors, essential tools for the scientific community, instrumental in drug discovery, cell biology, and immunological studies.
  2. Recombinant proteins tailored for diagnostics: Beyond research, ACROBiosystems extends its prowess to diagnostic applications. Their recombinant proteins serve as pivotal components in various diagnostic tests, including the esteemed ELISA and Western blot techniques.
  3. Recombinant proteins earmarked for therapeutic interventions: ACROBiosystems strides ahead with an ambitious mission to develop recombinant proteins earmarked for therapeutic purposes. These groundbreaking proteins are envisioned to combat an array of ailments, encompassing the formidable challenges posed by cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Financial Milestones

The trajectory of ACROBiosystems has witnessed an unprecedented surge in recent years. In the annals of 2022, the organization reported a staggering revenue of $1.2 billion, with a net income of $100 million, underscoring its financial might. Concurrently, the stock price of the company has embarked on an upward trajectory, indicative of the investor community’s unwavering confidence.

Key Investment Highlights

Investors who seek to partake in ACROBiosystems‘ journey are poised to reap the following benefits:

  1. ACROBiosystems reigns as a preeminent luminary in the Chinese biotechnology arena, boasting a trailblazing history marked by unceasing innovation.
  2. The organization occupies a strategic vantage point to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for recombinant proteins across the domains of research, diagnostics, and therapeutics.
  3. With robust financial underpinnings and an accelerated growth trajectory, ACROBiosystems exemplifies a prudent investment choice.

Risks to Consider

Nonetheless, prudent investors must remain cognizant of the following inherent risks:

  1. ACROBiosystems finds itself ensnared in the intricate web of biotechnological uncertainties, encompassing the specter of regulatory reforms and potential entanglements in patent infringement litigations.
  2. The fiscal well-being of ACROBiosystems is inexorably tethered to the fruition of its relentless pursuits in research and development.
  3. Volatility remains an omnipresent factor in the equities of ACROBiosystems, susceptible to multifarious external influences, inclusive of broader market oscillations and news emanating from within the organization.


ACROBiosystems stock

Their stock price as of September 4, 2023, closed at $9.82 USD, giving them a market capitalization of roughly $1.179 billion USD. Their stock fluctuated throughout the previous year from a high of $17.29 USD to a low of $8.82 USD.

With a PE ratio of 58.32, which aids investors in determining the company’s value, ACROBiosystems also distributes a 2.54% dividend to its owners. They made $0.1485 USD per share in the most recent year.

The company’s principal goods include

Proteins for Research: They produce a vast range of proteins that are used by scientists to discover novel treatments, research cells, and comprehend the immune system. These proteins include antibodies, enzymes, and growth factors.

Medical Test Proteins: ACROBiosystems also produces proteins that aid medical professionals in carrying out diagnostic procedures like ELISA and Western blot.

They are developing proteins that could be utilised to treat conditions including cancer and autoimmune illnesses.

Leading biotech business in China with a reputation for innovation is ACROBiosystems. They are well positioned to gain from the rising demand for these specialised proteins in studies, diagnostic procedures, and therapies.

However, it’s crucial to understand that there are some risks involved in purchasing their stock:

Risks associated with the biotechnology sector: ACROBiosystems operates in a field that is subject to the whims of the government and the law.

Success in R&D: Their ability to make money hinges on how well their R&D projects turn out.

Changes in Stock Price: Their stock price might fluctuate wildly and may rise or fall for a number of different causes, such as news about the firm or general stock market conditions.

In conclusion, ACROBiosystems is a potential business in the biotech sector, but there are risks to investing. Before purchasing their shares, prospective investors should be informed of these hazards.


In summation, ACROBiosystems emerges as a luminary poised on the precipice of an illustrious future. However, prudent investors must approach this opportunity with due diligence, mindful of the intricate interplay of factors that could chart the course of ACROBiosystems’ destiny. The following variables warrant contemplation:

  1. The fruition of the organization’s research and development endeavors.
  2. The ever-evolving regulatory landscape governing biotechnological enterprises in China.
  3. The overarching performance metrics of the Chinese equities arena.
  4. The global landscape, with a discerning eye on the relentless demand for recombinant proteins.

In embarking on this investment odyssey, discerning investors are well-advised to weigh these considerations judiciously before committing their resources to ACROBiosystems‘ stock.

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What is ACROBiosystems?

China-based ACROBiosystems Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology business that creates and produces recombinant proteins for use in research, diagnostics, and treatments. Under the ticker symbol “301080,” the company’s stock is traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE).

What are the company’s major products and services?

For use in research, diagnostics, and therapies, recombinant proteins are created and manufactured by ACROBiosystems. Both human health and scientific research are improved by using these proteins.

What is the company’s financial performance?

In the last few years, ACROBiosystems has expanded impressively. The company made $100 million in net profit and had $1.2 billion in revenue in 2022. Additionally rising in recent years is the stock price of the corporation.

What are the factors that could affect the future of ACROBioSystems stock?

Success in its R&D endeavours, China’s biotechnology industry’s regulatory climate, and the performance of the Chinese stock market as a whole could all have an impact on the future of ACROBioSystems stock.

How can I invest in ACROBioSystems?

By registering for a brokerage account with a company that deals in Chinese stocks, you can buy shares in ACROBiosystems. The ability to buy or sell ACROBiosystems shares is available once you have an account.

Is ACROBiosystems a good investment?

Your personal investment objectives and risk tolerance will determine whether ACROBiosystems is a good investment. The business has a bright future and is well-positioned, but it is also subject to the dangers of the biotechnology sector. Prior considering buying ACROBiosystems stock, investors should thoroughly weigh the risks and advantages.

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